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Avalon Games is always happy to accept proposals for work to be published. We offer a small, but fair rate of pay and, unlike many in the industry, we pay on time and in full, normally at the time of submission rather than at the time of publication. That means you get your money soon and without delay.


Avalon Games is always happy to accept work from first-time writers as well as old pros—all we ask is that it be original work, professional in its completed form, and fun. All work can be submitted in 12 point Times and in whatever format you like, Word, rtf, pdf, whatever.


Currently we are looking for any and all sorts of games and RPG material. Our RPG of choice is Pathfinder, but we can be talked into other systems as long as they are open content. Avalon is also happy to look at your print-to-play board games, tabletop rules and systems, paper models, and articles on gaming.


Avalon also offers an imprint program where you keep the IP of your products but publish through Avalon. This provides the advantage of Avalon’s large customer base, experience in the market, and advertising budget. Often creative folks want to create and have no desire to deal with marketing accounting and the like, so allow Avalon to do it for you. This program has worked out well for our imprint partners and for Avalon and we are always looking for new partners in this process.


While Avalon will except blind proposals and submitted work, we are also looking to have work completed for the following product lines.


Heroes Wear Masks. Super Hero stuff, adventures, character books, what-not.

The Fringe. Sci-Fi setting using the IF system. We are always looking for new stuff for the setting including adventures, align books, and expansions to the setting.

Anything Pathfinder. Again, adventures, books on feats, creatures, classes, etc.

How-to Books. We put out a lot of these and would like to put out more. Drop us a line and we can talk about a subject.

Fiction. We have begun to offer fiction for our fans and would like to see your novel or short stories.

Print-to-Play Board Games for our Mini-Game line. We love P-to-P games and would like to see what you have worked up or what you would like to work on.

Table Top system. We love tiny toys on the table, so if you have a game system for table top gaming, again let us see it.

Traveller. Avalon is getting ready to put out stuff for this system and would be happy to look at what you have.


If you have any questions or are looking for work, then drop our content director, Rob, a line at…


A note on blind submissions: legal issues demand that we will not retain a copy of the submitted work once we have looked it over and we will delete it from our computer. Be sure to keep a copy of your own, as we will not retain a copy until a contract is signed.


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