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Originally founded by Neuicon, CPOP is an indie project, based in Los Angeles, California. CPOP is driven by a force known collectively, as the CVLT. The CVLT is a massive pool of energy that drives the very core of CPOP; without the CVLT, we would be a void of nothingness. The CVLT is the single source of power that continues to push CPOP onward.

While the CVLT remains the very heart of CPOP, there are many layers that make of the fabric of CPOP, one of the most important, being the Family; this is the layer which harbors the many groups, people and organizations that support CPOP and have CPOP’s support. Without this layer, there would be no CPOP; for this, we thank each and every member that makes up the Family, for their kindness, ongoing support and source of inspiring energies.

Another important layer, is referred to, as the Council of Nine. This layer oversees the creation of published works, and is headed by the founding member of CPOP, Neuicon. It is this layer that represents the dedicated work that CPOP continues to put forth.

CPOP focuses on games, culture, lifestyle and the arts. Various titles produced by CPOP have come and gone, the most popular and classic, being the Toxic Holocaust tabletop miniatures game, GROMM and 1944: Combat Shock.

While gaming presents itself as a most valuable source within CPOP, the several layers dedicated to culture, lifestyle and the arts continues to spread. Dedication to such layers is growing more evident, and can be found on the CPOP website.

We thank you, for your support. We hope that you continue to enjoy created works by CPOP and the many layers that continue to contribute to its ongoing development.

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