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Actually, we never left, but we've been waiting, like you, for that glimmer of hope. We want you to game again, albeit safely, and what better way than to jump in with bundles of our most popular settings?

Heroes Wear Masks

All the rage, the superhero trope has never been more popular with people, gamers or not. Introduce your friends to superhero roleplaying or take your existing group to the next level with all new bundles. Superheroes, villains, plots, it's all here!

Pathfinder Version Core Book Discount

Pathfinder Book of Powers! Discount

Heroes Wear Masks Feats Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 1 Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 2 Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 3 Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 4 Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 5 Bundle

Heroes Weekly Vol 6 Bundle

5e D&D Version Core Book Discount

Pathfinder Book of Powers! Discount

Infinite Futures

Alongside superhero movies, we're seeing a resurgence in science fiction, specifically space-related geekdom of all forms. Infinite Futures is Avalon Games' version of a space opera setting, and can stand alone or be incorporated in your favorite futuristic sci-fi adventures.

Pathfinder Version

IF Aliens Bundle

If Mega Bundle

5e D&D Version

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