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nova_blast_coreNova Blast Core


There has been a trend over the last few years of combining a tabletop miniature game with an RPG setting.  This is nothing new and goes all the way back to TSR's Chainmail and D&D.  Still if something works, don't fix it, so with that in mind Avalon has been working on a system and setting that encompasses all of our Sci-Fi games, offering one setting as the base for a tabletop system, RPG and board games alike.  Now we have been doing this all along with Battle Armor, using what we have developed in that Mini-Game to build a whole Sci-Fi universe.  Along side Battle Armor, our Space Armada system, Zero-G S&G genre setting and Future Wars all use the same Sci-Fi universe.  When we put together Infinite Futures, we also tied it into this setting and will soon have a setting book for that RPG called the Fringe.


As we have the background and setting all worked up, its natural to of course use it for this next game, which is what you hold here, a small skirmish style system which can be used to fight tabletop battles in the Fringe universe.  We also decided to tie the whole thing to Infinite Futures, and thus allow you to work the RPG into the tabletop game.  Thus if your adventuring crew should happen to get involved in a small scale battle, well you can convert them easily into the Nova Blast system.  As all the creatures, factions and forces will also be a part of the Fringe, it's easy to link both game systems together.


Now to tie it all even more closely together, Avalon has been in the process of working up a paper model and figure line of products.  So of course we opted to use these figures in Nova Blast.  The system will thus come with stand up figure flats for easy use, or if you are a die-hard model maker, you can go and seek out miniatures for your games.

This synergy between systems, product lines and other promotions, will hopefully allow Avalon to really make a big push for Nova Blast and other products using the setting and give you a great time gaming in this setting.

The core edition of Nova Blast comes with...

*  The Core Rules, a 30 plus page full color book, fully illustrated and offering plenty of examples of play.

*  The Fringe Setting Book, offering information on the setting, the factions and enough game crunchy stuff to get started playing right away.

*  A Components Book, with all the stuff needed to play the game and enough game components to start a battle using the Terran Marines and Too-Nia forces.

Each month thereafter new expansions will arrive, with source books for each of the factions, new rules, new scenarios, objectives, and gaming fun.

Further expansions to the game will add psyche powers, condition cards and environmental effects to core system.

Avalon Games is happy to offer this great game and we hope you will enjoy playing over and over again.

Be sure to visit out web site and join the discussion on the forum, where we will answer rule questions, offer free stuff and expand even more on the system.

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