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Avalon Games is happy to announce the release of its newest product line, Avalon
Pathfinder. Avalon Pathfinder, yep we are taking a swim into more RPG stuff with the
release of our Pathfinder series. Each is a small, fast and fun add on to your Pathfinder
game, and only a $1.00 each. Some great stuff here, so don't be left out, get your own
issues each month and stay cool.

Avalon Adventures

Fast and Fun, that's the goal of Avalon Game's Pathfinder line of Adventures. Each issue
will bring you a small adventure, one that can be dropped into any campaign, used as a
single one shot night of fun, or turned into a more complex and longer series of
adventures. The goal is to give GM's something that will bring an easy night of fun to
their game, without having to cost and arm and a leg doing so.

Avalon Encounters

Need something quick and easy for you game night and don't have the time to work it up,
don't worry, Avalon Games is here to save the day. Avalon's Pathfinder series of
encounters will hit the spot each and every time. The goal of Avalon Encounters is to
give GM's a fun, exciting and challenging non-combat encounter, one which will send
your players screaming with delight.

Avalon Characters

Need something to spice up your game, but you are all out of ideas, well Avalon Game's
Pathfinder series is here. Yep we have done all the work for you, so all you have to do is
run the game. Use Avalon Characters as a one off encounter for your players, or as a
reoccurring NPC, one which will add fun and excitement to your game time after time.
Ever better, each character is designed to be used as a Play Character Background should
you feel like adding their story to your game. Versatile, and fun, this and other issues in
the Avalon Pathfinder line are sure to fulfill your gaming needs each and every time.

Avalon Treasure

Need something special to bring some wonder to your game. Well Avalon is here to
help. Add some different types of treasures to your heroes' rewards. Each issue offers a
new sort of treasures trove, odd treasures that will make your player think, hum, what to
do with this…

Avalon Magic

Need some more magic in your game? Well Avalon is here to help. Avalon Magic offers
new spells, new magic items and new wonder so you the GM can just run the game. Add
some magic to your game with Avalon's Series of Pathfinder based supplements.


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