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Welcome to Arcana, a new RPG world where players will take on the roles of a hero,
kings or in is some cases, even one of the ten mighty Magi. These heroes and lords then
will live and have adventures in the world of Tifnarra, become involved in
adventures,intrigue and danger, or for others, the fate of their kingdom lies in their hands.
Some few may even take on the role of one of the great Magi, vastly powerful mages,
who through tradition and might, have ruled the world since the dawn of time.
Arcana is generic world, designed for use with any Fantasy RPG System, and so the
information presented here and in other Arcana expansions will of course be a bit vague
as to stats, levels and powers. The intention is to give the GM and players a world rich in
personality, history and depth, one where they can seek adventure, but use any RPG
system they feel most conferrable with.

The basics of the game world are presented here in this core book, but as expansions are
released, the complexity of the world will grow as more and more of its history, dangers
and wonders are explored. When it is all said and done, Arcana will become a vast world
of detailed and expansive depth, one where you and your friends can spend endless hours

Arcana Journals

Arcana Journals, every three weeks we will be releasing a new journal covering anew hex
within the game world and all sorts of other details of this great gaming universe, so don't
miss out, get each journal and grow your lore of Arcana.

Arcana Realms

Arcana Realms takes a detailed look at each of the great kingdoms and lands of Arcana.
Have a look at the realm's history, lords and ladies, and great new maps of these lands. A
must if you love Arcana.


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